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Press Release (example) for Marie Stopes

Example of a press release. NOT real.


30Th of January 2010

Campaign Be STRONG, say STOP”.

A new campaign to create safe sex awareness for the Afro-Caribbean society in the UK has been launched today by Marie Stopes International. The campaign Be STRONG, say STOP” is encouraging women to look after their sexual health.

At Marie Stopes International UK clinics we often see young people wanting to seek information and services, however being reserved when it comes to seek help, is resulting in an unintended sexually transmitted infection. We hope that the first phase of the campaign, Be STRONG, say STOP”, will encourage younger women to talk more openly about their options and fears, and find a method to best suit their individual needs and circumstances, enabling them to practice safer sex.

The campaign will run for four months until end of April 2010. The counting up timer has travelled around the UK for the whole of January, showing how many people get infected every day.

From today the www.bestrong.com website for young women is lunched in order to get them talking and registering their views on the safe sex issues. When they register they will receive a bracelet to promote their confidence and strength in a healthier sexual life and the goal of the Marie Stopes International campaign.

Yekaterina Odintsova spokes person for the campaign at Marie Stopes International said: “Marie Stopes International welcomes the new national campaign to promote more open and honest discussions about safe sex.”

Prevention is better than cure, and the evidence is clear that when women are able to talk about sex, and are provided with information and access to a variety of contraceptive methods, reductions in sexually transmitted infections rates will improve.

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Notes for Editors

· Marie Stopes International is a specialist organisation providing expert and confidential care and support to adults and teenagers in relation to their sexual and reproductive healthcare. This includes advice, information and services related to regular and emergency contraception provision, sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies.

· Website for the campaign www.bestrong.com

· Marie Stopes International provides a 24 hour information line to offer advice and assistance: 0845 300 8090. For further information, please visit www.mariestopes.org.uk


Press officer Yekaterina Odintsova

Tribeca Public Relations

T: +44 (0) 796 193 2456



Press Release (example) for British Museum

This press release is NOT real. Used as an assignment example.


6th November 2009

British Museum Exhibits the Real Atlantis

…An exhibition that will change human history

The British Museum, as the first museum in the world, will open its doors for the new exhibition The Real Atlantis. The scientist can now prove the existence of Atlantis; it was discovered outside the coast of North West Africa near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The found objects are borrowed by the UK for a short period of time before the exhibits continue their journey around the world. The objects will arrive to London on the 6th of November 2009 and remain at the museum for two months until 6th January 2010.

The exhibition will display what archeologists have discovered under water in the Atlantic Ocean. The collection has over 500 objects recovered from the excavations; some of the objects are partial remains of an ancient civilization, which was hidden under water for thousands of years. It will show images of the underwater world and artifacts that were found on the site. Also illustrating the changing role of the people living in Atlantis in an historical and social timeline.

The exhibition will also witness a conference where scientists will give different theories to explain how Atlantis was washed away under water with illustration on the changing role of the people living in Atlantis in an historical and social timeline.

Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, said: “ the world has never seen an exhibition like this, showing the spectacular finding of a lost civilization everyone believed to be a myth. Majority of the objects have come straight from the excavations, and will show the magnificent life that was long time forgotten. None of these objects have ever been showed to the public, Londoners will be the first to experience this amazing discovery of a lost civilization.”

Dr Sarah Marshall, the curator for the exhibition added: “the London visitors will have the first ever opportunity to see for them selves that Atlantis is no more a myth.”


Notes for Editors:

· Exhibition:

The Real Atlantis will be at the British Museum from 9th November 2009 - 9th January 2010

· Ticket Information:

Tickets: £10. Contacts and advance online booking call +44 (0)20 7323 8181 or visit www.britishmuseum.org

· Additional information:

For additional information on the objects contact Dr Sarah Marshall on +44 (0)79 5693 2244

· Atlantis:

The underwater image can be found at the co-ordinates 31 15'15.53N 24 15'30.53W


For further Press information please contact Yekaterina Odintsova in the British Museum Press office on +44 (0)207 961 9324 or email y.odintsova@britishmuseum.org

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